A few Addons by Learndash are missing

Learndash created new addons, I only noticed now.
Instructor role by Learndash itself will be better than by WisdmLabs I believe.

Among addons by Learndash, “Instructor Role”, “Groups Plus”, “Notes”, “Rating, Reviews, & Feedback” are missing.

Thanks for the heads up, @justinwz.

@steve please check this.

@steve just a friendly reminder. Thanks.

All requested addons have been posted. Here are the download links.

LearnDash Instructor Role

LearnDash Notes

LearnDash Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback

Groups Plus for LearnDash

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There are “Instructor Role”, “Notes”, and “Ratings, Reviews, & Feedback” that are made by LearnDash itself, not third-parties. Currently, only “Instructor Role by WisdmLabs”, “Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback by WisdmLabs” and “Note by Snap Orbital” are in Repository.


I just checked your linked sources again, and you’re right; these are different.

I purchased the notes add-on for you.

Please add the rest of your requests to the Wishlist.


I received an error while downloading. “No downloadable items found.”

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@steve please check this.

Thanks, the issue is resolved.