Adult Themes and Plugins

:star_struck: Summary Access to Adult Themes and Plugins is a category on our website dedicated to adult-related stuff. Currently, we have added WP-Script themes and plugins, but more will be added soon.
:hammer_and_wrench: Allowance Available to lifetime pro only.
:open_book: Availability This feature is both available on the main website and Festinger Vault plugin.
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What are adult themes and plugins?

Adult themes and plugins for WordPress are specifically designed to cater to the needs of adult websites. These websites typically host content such as pornography, adult videos, and images that are not suitable for minors. Here are some examples of adult themes and plugins for WordPress:


This free plugin turns your WordPress site into an adult tube site in minutes. It allows you to add hundreds of videos instantly, and the installation process is fast and simple.

WP-Script Themes and Plugins:

WP-Script offers a lifetime membership for $399. It is a classic adult theme provider with a niche look that is perfect for adult websites. WP-Script has been in the business of creating adult WordPress themes for a while and has more than 4,000 active members and 18,000+ websites created.

What kind of adult scripts do you offer at the Festinger Vault?

You can find the available WP-Scripts in the following sections:

:exclamation: At this time we only offer WP-Script WordPress themes and plugins on the Festinger Vault. You need a lifetime pro membership in order to use these items, as an original license key is required. We will provide this license key at no additional costs (we purchased the developer license). Please leave a reply on this topic and we’re happy to send you the instructions for the activation.

how to get these?

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If you would like to make a request, please email us at

Hey Martin,
I’m not sure I did this correctly as I also see underneath about emailing you but I’m not sure if that is about the WP Script or not, II will go ahead and email you and provide login.

Yes, we received your request by email and it will be addressed soon.