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AffiliateWP Portal has been updated to 1.1.3

The portal doesnt seem to appear even after ticking enable

Have you installed the core plugin of AffiliateWP?

This portal plugin is installed on the website of Festinger Vault as well and it works like a charm.

Yes, I did, along with the pro version too

Have you set a menu link for this?

Well no, because I cant find documentation on how to make the affiliate portal page? Is it generated automatically or?

or do we create an empty page and add it to the menu link?

Sorry, I’m not spoonfeeding you here.

You can see the menu links at the bottom on how to make a page :wink:

I did try to create it, but the page I created isn’t even listed in the menu link…

And I have put this shortcode in the page I created as well, because I cant find any shortcodes for Affiliate Portal (except a very old one from 2017 video, which I tried but the shortcode didnt work)

seems to be working now, pretty weird the page is now appearing inside menu link section while previosly it wasnt there no matter how many times I refresh, perhaps caching issue

thanks Festinger =)

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I’m glad it’s working now =) and thank you for your update.

AffiliateWP Portal has been updated to 1.2.0.

AffiliateWP Portal has been updated to 1.2.2.

Please update AffiliateWP Portal 1.2.2 to Please update to 1.2.3 @Steve

AffiliateWP Portal has been updated to 1.2.3.

AffiliateWP Portal has been updated to 1.3.2. You can download this version from here.

How did you get it to work? Just pasting [affiliate_area] shortcode in a page?

6 hours of work later and I still for the life of me can’t figure out where to get the portal to show up. Affiliate emails still send people to the old portal. I’ve activated it in settings and installed the core plugin. WHERE do I now access the portal?