Announcement: A sneak peak of our upcoming features! [HOT]

Hi everyone, and I hope you’re enjoying your Friday evening.

We have been receiving loads of new feature requests to the Festinger Vault and I’m happy to announce that our team will release LOADS of new features in the upcoming weeks. We will also be introducing a new membership pricing model with all new features integrated!

Here is a screenshot of our upcoming release;

Please note that this screenshot can be adjusted before the release but it will give you a nice overview of the upcoming features!

We will also be introducing a ‘free plan’ for those who cannot afford a paid plan. We would like to offer everyone a chance to build their beautiful WordPress website using one of our themes and plugins.

Have a great weekend, and let me know if you have any questions.

Festinger (Martin)


Sounds awesome!

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Good one you guys :ok_hand:

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I like the look of this. I am mostly excited about White Label Pro. Anyone that grabbed a lifetime membership at festingervault should be happy asf especially if you are a heavy WordPress user.


Thanks all,

@Bedazzle - I’m not sure if the white label pro feature will be included for current lifetime users.

We’re creating a lifetime pro version that enables all the features, as we have to cover the development costs as well. :wink:

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So would there be a lower price version for lifetime pro? since you would already be upgrading from lifetime. I’ll wait to see, though, seems good nevertheless.


Yes, we will have a special upgrade in mind.

Don’t worry, it will be awesome :wink:

You guys got any release date in mind?

That sucks. Lifetime deal was all future updates and upgrades. And now we need to buy another Ltd to upgrade


What are some of the new features and what would be the upgrade cost for current lifetime users?

Tbh, he should do a lower cost for monthly users. It almost does not make sense not to be a lifetime user. Keeping something like this going requires revenue. It is understandable why he/she is doing it.

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Sure, but Ltd is to get some cash to set up a SaaS and from a certain point Ltd needs to be removed completely. But these people who helped the startup should be full members for life. That’s why it calls Ltd. Don’t know how many Ltd didn’t survive and your money was gone. That’s the risk people carry when investing in a business and this should be rewarded


I would personally recommend no lifetime deal for the ability to resell. It should have a low fee associated with it.


Bronze, Silver, Gold downloads? :eyes:

Wow you’re really generous with the free plan Martin.

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How about for the lifetime users that paid $300? the OGs :grin:


Seems very nice, as long as you honor the lifetime buyers.


Thanks, everyone for their comments.

We have to make a final team decision about which feature will be granted to which membership level.

But current lifetime users will benefit from them too, promised.

If there is more information about this decision, a new update will be posted here.

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Please check our new three new features:

  1. Version Control Feature: choose the version number you’d like to install from our Festinger Vault plugin.
  2. Update Single Plugin or Theme with One Click: You can now update plugins and themes individually.
  3. Better version management: we created a new indicator to show if a new version is available.

We will release a new update soon.

Some other screenshots:

And we have integrated the localhost feature as well:

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All new upcoming features need to be included in Lifetime packages dear festinger otherwise you will be out of your vision :frowning:


Is the lifetime option ever going away? I see on the website that it is for limited time only. That can be misleading for some out there. But for the business it can be great!