Announcement: A sneak peak of our upcoming features! [HOT]

Thanks a lot for changing your mind; surprised by your previous announcement. Usually, lifetime users get all existing and upcoming benefits, as these users are helping you in your business by investing your money and trusting you. Also, as per your current pricing model, LTD users will get upcoming updates and features.

And please provide plugin updates regularly and frequently. It’s necessary. I believe most of your users buy your service because of your auto-update feature.
Hoping for the best.

Thanks for your contribution, but this is not true.

You’re referring to lifetime future updates, not lifetime feature updates. :wink:

Remove Vault from plugin in the Admin panel (for WL users) That would be a great feature to limit customers from access or see any content. (Only shows update themes and plugins)



That’s a feature we got on our roadmap to be integrated by this upcoming month =)


I agree, this should def come with whitelabel pro, or Reseller. Maybe have a dashboard on here where we can manage everything from

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Excited about Reseller, when is that planned for you think? already preparing for that building an audience. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

What can I say , knew LIFETIME deal is the best option. Great stuff indeed @Martin @Steve hope to see many more. Liking it so far.

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Thanks for your feedback @Joatmon and @dub_byDesign.

As we have finished most of the features, we have to recode our Festinger Vault plugin massively to make it 100% white label. As this is a very complex feature – we will release a new update very soon, without this one. It will surely take some extra time to integrate this properly and we would like to offer a stable version rather than rushing it too much. :stuck_out_tongue: So the ETA will be around April/May.

I’m glad that you like it!

We will be releasing a new version very soon, so keep an eye on our announcement page!

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I never saw this comming…I thought the lifetime membership was already great. but for me and my business plans around wp memberships, hosting and development this is a true gamechanger!!! Looking forward to get started with the new features.


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Stop whining…the lifetime deal was exceptional anyway, now with the added features it will be wild if you know haw to capitalize on it. So for me anyway it is worth a few bob to get it all. I will make it all back in a day anyway just utlilizing the resell option.

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Use elementor pro ONCE and it pays for itself. :rofl:
I actually felt BAD getting the lifetime membership… I’m thinking about downgrading to monthly just so I can sleep at night.

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Thanks, @paljuritzen and @dub_byDesign for your comments here.

We’re open to all kinds of feedback mate :wink:

We just invested a shitload of money to develop these requested features.

The alpha version will be provided by next week in our beta testing group. :slight_smile:

I tried to get into the beta testing group but somehow I did not…Any way I can get a crack at it anyway?

Hi please try again.

We had a short community outage, which has been resolved now.

I kinda hope you stop future lifetime or increase the price to 4 years of services. A community like this isn’t free and takes up your time.

Everyone who is in the beta group, please report back your feedback here: