Blocksy Companion (Premium)

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Plugin hasn’t been updated since long

Update it to Blocksy Companion (Premium) v1.8.17

Blocksy Companion (Premium) has been updated to 1.8.18

Update Request v1.8.19

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Blocksy Companion (Premium) has been updated to 1.8.19

any idea why when i activate the companion pro it breaks my website and show me white screen?


What version of the plugin are you using?

Update Request to Version 1.8.22

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Blocksy Companion (Premium) has been updated to 1.8.20

Updated version breaks the website… after disabling plugin,website works fine…old version file also works fine but as soon updated version gets installed,website goes down

Screenshot attached

Any update regarding plugin breaking the website, it has been reported by multiple festinger users & i have posted the error logs as well

We’re sorry for the delayed response.

The developer of this plugin continuously changes his license codes and it’s a real headache to bypass it in a proper way. They are currently using Freemius which is a company dedicated to preventing nulling and pre-activating scripts.

We know successfully pre-activated the download :slight_smile:

That Means Plugin not usable right now & won’t be until there is a new way of activating it

No, the new version is available now – please update it.

New version please.

Also, what’s the difference with this compared to Blocksy PRO? Do I need to get both?

I’m still waiting for the issue fix on Blocksy PRO on the other thread.

Please advise, thanks.

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Blocksy Companion (Premium) has been updated to 1.8.27

Sorry, this was a double post.

This item has been removed & Blocksy Pro has been updated to its latest version.

Please update, thank you!

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Blocksy Companion (Premium) has been updated to 1.8.30