BookingPress Pro – Appointment Booking plugin

Is it me or BookingPress doesn’t save your customization options. I keep checking the customization and it’s still the default green design even though I changed it. Can you guys fix this?

The file has been replaced now and product is Activated . Use the License Key “B5E0B5F8DD8689E6ACA49DD6E6E1A930 ” and Select Professional Package to Activate.

So I installed it and it said it activated. I go back and customize the form, but it still stays with the default green and white colors. I did change Main primary color again and saw that the loader changes color if you have a custom one on. I’m not sure if the plugin detects that it’s not really activated which doesn’t allow you to change the color of the form. I also did reset everything by deleting the plugins and reinstalling them again.

Hi @ednificant,

Thanks for getting back to us. Could you please post a screencast/video of the issue you’re encountering so we can try to replicate the issue?

BookingPress Pro – Appointment Booking plugin has been updated to 3.7.2. You can download this version from here.