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What would be great is to be able to manage updates for all sites from the same dashboard, like on MainWP or ManageWP.


Nothing should prevent you to still do so right now.

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Will we be able to manually update the plugins/themes that are not set as automatic updates? By manually I mean from the WordPress Updates dashboard page, not the FestingerVault plugin.

I don’t do automatic updates for many plugins, as some updates may break things, so I like to check the changelogs of each update from the Updates page before installing them.

Also, as part of the new white label feature it would be great to be able to update from the dashboard’s Updates page instead of from the plugin.

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Nope - we will update the thread in the beta section once it’s available for download.

We will release it once the alpha release is ready to be released to our beta users. It doesn’t make sense releasing a version with broken features that couldn’t be tested as we are linking all components now together.

The answer is already provided in this thread. :wink:

Thanks for the feedback @chris_1. We had many internal chats in regards to your issue with our automatic updates management system and we can confirm that the current legacy plugin wasn’t able to provide you with this feature.

However - with this new plugin, all code is rewritten. The mechanism to make automatic updates available with the new version is using the core update system of WordPress - so every installed theme/plugin/template kit will be visible and checked if there is a new version available.

One sample with the current legacy plugin is the inability to determine if a plugin is the ‘core’ plugin or an add-on; as the folder name was using the same name (for example; ‘yoast’). With our new plugin; this issue is solved as we rely on the default automatic update algorithm of WordPress.

You can be rest assured that all your themes and plugins will be updated.

Cheers, thanks for the feedback!

This feature is in the pipeline; and it will be added to the control panel of your Festinger Vault dashboard. However, this will be enrolled later this year as our main focus is to launch the basic features of the plugin first and make sure everything is working as advertised. So it’s definitely being developed later this year.

Sure thing, that’s the beauty of WordPress. You can either decide to use the manual way of updating themes and plugins; or decide to use our plugin to take care of that.

In regards to the white label feature; please check the reply from above. Thanks!


doesn’t seem like there is a way to quickly add to bulk install/download maybe?

also i hope when clicking download it gives the option to both install and download

I mean with the beta ui

We have a ‘plus’ icon on each download card, allowing you to add it to the bulk install/download list. I will include a demonstration of this very soon.

Yes - it gives you the option to either install or download it.

He was referring to the new version. :wink:

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