Clearfy Disable Admin Notices [premium]

Hi @goshopeo,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

@Steve → can you have a look here, please?


Unfortunately there is no update yet for the plugin.

I think they moved into making the main plugin able to activate premium, instead of with an addon?
Not entirely sure though :slight_smile:

@Martin @Steve
Can you solve this problem ?

Hello @goshopeo,

Unfortunately, there is no update yet.

We’re still investigating this issue and we will update this thread once we have a solution.

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any updates on this?

hello, Any update on the problem ? @Martin

This plugin was recently updated and shows 100% working but still does not appear to work. I have the free plugin as well and the premium plugin. It tells me I must activate. I tried putting in random junk in the license field and it didn’t like it.

Please update Clearfy Disable Admin Notices [premium] from 1.1.0 to 1.3.5. @Steve

We’re sorry about this issue. We changed the ‘100 working’ tag to ‘not working’.

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