Create API for reselling WP themes/plugins

We’ve been receiving multiple requests to create an API key to allow our customers to resell our plugins and themes on their own websites. This is the official feature suggestion brought to us by @JCAguilera

I would love to see an official REST API so developers or web designers can build their own front end so their clients can download and install plugins or even use it themselves to automate bulk plugin downloads and updates. It can be rate limited or even offered as a separate service, but it would be great to have something like that.


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This is absolutely a great idea. I think this would make the service so much better

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@ConicalCanvas82 - it is possible, bt we need to make sure:

  1. What structure we’re going to use, as the API cannot support multiple e-commerce systems?
  2. We have to create a function to allow certain download permissions with a membership level.
  3. Etc.

I hope the lifetime users get that level included in there lifetime package.

Maybe might be better to offer the Client a oneoff payment for the added theme/plugin
Maybe split profits.
Only an idea.

Of course if the client want the auto update function be in a monthly subscription.


Hi @Johnboy,

Thank you for your comment here.

We’re not sure (yet), but we will be posting an announcement if this is being considered.

We will include your other suggestions as well =)

@Martin @Steve

Hello mate

Just wanted to share the issue on the API

This is my idea of the reseller resolution. First get a special reseller plugin that is built on top of FestingerVault or at least using some code from the current festinger vault, but mainly let it be for the resellers and its main function is to pull plugin/theme link from your storage. Then with this someone is able to attach the link to a post

From the above screen shot then we could use some items such as download,request update,get link attachment link, add to woocommerce. This means if you want to sell the items then theres a connection to woocommerce(For woocommerce I would suggest someone downloads it to their own server hence this would call for bulk download option to be available), if you want to offer as free then you have attachment link that you will only need to copy and paste on a button and your good to go.

Also with this plugin if possible it can always offer updates of the links and such eg my website visitor wants to download elementor 3.15.0 and we are on 3.17.2 then I can attach previous versions and they are able to download the plugin effectively .

Cheers to all you guys and feel free to share your thoughts on this matter im open to any criticism that might arise

I know this will require alot of resource useage but I believe everyone will be fully catered for

Thanks a lot for your comment and suggestion here @CDA.

I just had a chat with our developers team and this is one of the features we will prioritize by 2024 to develop. :wink:


Thanks mate if you need any tests or any queries let me know and ill be happy to help in any way possible 🥳

cheers and good luck to the developers

Hey, new member here. I’d love to resell Festinger plugins/themes. Any news about this feature? Thanks.

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It is scheduled for development. Fore more info, please check this:


Any news on the API ?