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Festinger Vault is not part of a company in the traditional way. Being setup by an individual with a taste for programming and WordPress finally festingervault.com was launched in 2017.


The GNU General Public License (referred to as ‘GPL’) was created by computer programmer Richard Stallman in 1985. It was named the ‘GNU’ GPL, and was initiated to license the GNU operating system.

The GPL is a free software license. The use of the word “free” within “free software” however refers not to price, but to the user’s freedom to utilize, modify and distribute the software.

The GPL is best summarized by the four freedoms associated with the “free software” movement:

  • The freedom to run the program for any purpose.
  • The freedom to study how the program works, and change it to make it do what you wish.
  • The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbour.
  • The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements (and modified versions in general) to the public, so that the whole community benefits.

In other words, the GPL is the antithesis to proprietary software—the likes of Windows or iOS. It empowers the end user and doesn’t necessarily work in the best interests of the developer.
However, as we will discover, it certainly does work for WordPress developers (if not perhaps by design). This in a nutshell covers the claim of any GPL site stating their software, plugins and themes are fully legal selling objects, despite not being the developer of the items.


WordPress is open-source content management licensed under GPLv2, which means anyone can use or modify the WordPress software (themes,plugins) for free. The content management system basically offers a working tool to manage all aspects of your website – all content – without any programming knowledge. WordPress makes it possible for anyone to create and maintain their created websites with the help of plugins and themes.


So is anyone able to create and maintain a WordPress website ? This makes it all sound too easy, and is it really easy to create a good looking website? Well, this depends on your opinion of ‘Good and Bad’ really. Your first step is to choose a WordPress Theme, which sounds easier then it really is, as there are a 1000+ themes to choose from, so which will you get ?They are all presented in an optimum way to catch your eyes and make you decide to choose the theme and get your dollars out.

I think, your first step is to decide if your website is to be a ‘Blog’ or “E-Shop’, or any other website private or business. Though all websites available look great on the demo, it’s all up to you to design your own website, pictures and headers. I think most starters are in shock when they first time install a theme and expect to see something similar to the advertised theme. Well welcome to the world of designers and your up for a real task and many hours of trying to get a decent looking and working website. It definitely is not easy to design your own professional looking header ready for use ( full width or not, responsive or not ), as most great images you’ll find on the internet are ‘protected’ by its owner and may only be used when paid for! Don’t think nobody will notice if you do plan to use a ‘protected image’ as they will find you in the end and make you pay a big fine !!

Now, in order to ‘dress-up’ your website, plugins are absolutely necessary to achieve a fully working website. Some basic plugins we all use and need (for SEO , Shop, E-commerce, Security etc.) are Yoast, RankMath, Woocommerce, WP Cerber, Askimet, JetPack. I can sum up more plugins, but it shows you do need any of these to plugins to start creating a good working website. Festinger Vault offers a huge number of 5000+ plugins, and themes to help you design, secure and maintain your website.


Festinger Vault is not an ordinary website for Themes and Plugins, but I feel the best designed website in every aspect. It boasts about 5000+ plugins and themes for paid users to download. It truly stands out from the crowd providing its company plugin to be installed in your own WordPress plugin section.
The Festinger Vault plugin transforms your WordPress dashboard into a kind of website, presenting a full overview of all available themes and downloads. ( link to plugin: https://update.festingervault.com/fv-updater/?action=download&slug=festingervault )

Just checkout this screenshot after installation:

Looking at its interface, Festinger Vault is its own File Manager ready to do the installation of the file for you, ready to download the file for you and store on your private Mac or else. In order to actually use it, you of course need an activation key which you will obtain once you paid for a subscription.

The Preview button takes you to the original developers website, to provide additional information. This is the MOST FEATURE RICH plugin ( GPL ) website I’ve ever encountered. To be honest I’m a bit jealous really as this website makes a true statement about how additional plugins should or could be implemented.

The dashboard will allow you to install any plugin just by hitting the ‘install’ button. It sometimes takes a little longer depending on the plugin size. Once finished the dashboard becomes active again. If you wish to keep a copy for yourself: no problem, just use the ‘download’ button and it will save the theme or plugin to your default browser download-location.

You might hink this is it, what else can there be to make life easier for any user? Well think again as this plugin also keeps track of all available updates of your downloaded themes or plugins. You are still in charge as you can set the auto updates on or off.

For any GPL website the number of plugins and themes available are the important for a customer in order to decide if the subscription to be paid is reasonable or a great deal. Though the plugins are GPL and free, this does not mean the web-admin gets all his stuff for free and just lets you pay your hard earned dollars into his account. The web-owner needs to buy the non-free plugins from its maker/developer but is free
to redistribute. This may seem simple for anyone to start your own GPL site, but just think about the investment necessary if you have 5000 paid plugins at $ 35 each. You need to buy the official plugin in order to present your customers updates on them.

Festinger Vault takes care of its clients by providing updates on a regular basis and ‘Informs’ you when an update is available. You unlike other GPL sites, don’t have to login daily to check if an update is available for you, ‘no way’ as Festinger Vault takes care of this for you.

Great service and well done Festinger !

You may not need a full year or monthly subscription but would like to buy just the credits allowing you to download your wanted plugins or themes. Each download will be taken from your credits limit and when none are left, you can if you wish buy more credits. Just check this statement:

Instead of paying a monthly recurring charge, you can buy download credits as needed through our Pay As You Go plan. It’s best for infrequent downloaders. Each credit comes with an item of your choice, with lifetime updates included for that particular file.

The Festinger Vault website is fully user-friendly designed and truly best in class of any GPL I’ve ever visited. This is not just an promotional or marketing statement as I fell you get the same experience when you visit the website.

Looking/searching for plugins/themes are separated and listed in a menu. If you already know which developer to look for its done in a second. Again the provided information and download facility are unique.

Okay, all good so far ! But what if you can’t find your plugin or theme? That sucks, but not completely as again Festinger Vault has a unique option which may help you out.
As you by now know, Festinger needs to buy its plugins/themes but can’t buy all existing as an investment. Yours probably is not as common as the rest but you can apply for a ‘request’ ! If enough voters back up your request Festinger Vault will in the end decide to honour your request and full-fill your wishes. How about that for service !


All good things in life cost money, so does a Festinger Vault subscription. Check its pricing and see which fits your needs.


ReviewMacApps | Festinger Vault GPL review

Well, its not often I get exited about an application or website but Festinger Vault best plugins and themes, is by far unique and best service provider when looking for GPL plugins or themes. Its plugin transforms your WP dashboard in a file-manger providing the best options available. Its unique and offers 5000+ plugins/themes. Acting as a one trick pony if you wish, and automate updates when available. If you’re looking for the very best GPL site this is by far the ultimate website on this planet.

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