Festinger Plugin blocks Website

The festinger plugin is waiting 2 times about 8 seconds for response if the festinger licence is valid (I guess). That are 16.5 second on every request in the backend (in the frontend it’s working fine)

Please, see attached screen shot. Any advice?

That’s the second request

Hi @thoka,

Thanks for creating this topic.

Some of the functionalities of the Festinger Vault plugin don’t work as expected with the renewed framework on our main website and engine. We are creating a new version where all code is rewritten and optimized based on our new framework.

If you encounter any delayed requests, it might be possible due to this issue. However, there is an issue with the SSL verification as I can see from your screenshots. Are you using an SSL certificate?

Sure we use Lets Encrypt SSL and everything looks fine
For me it looks like the SSL problem occours on your side (?)

What I can’t understand is why the check for an update is made by the festinger plugin on every site request within the backend and not only while the plugin page or update page is requested? Btw, got the same problem with Daan OMGF Plugin and he solved it ;*)

Maybe you like to check your SSL Certificates?

Thanks for your comment and I am sorry for the delayed reply here.

We went ahead and noticed some of the API calls were blocked by our CloudFlare rules. As it doesn’t happen very often, it might block your connection with specific calls. Would you be able to send the IP address of your server/hosting to hello@festingervault.com so we can check the history of your API requests and adjust the rules for you?


send the IPs via email: