Festinger Vault Plugin Doesn't Update Ever

I have paid a fair amount of money for multiple upgrades to hopefully get to the point where the plugin actually works how they say it’s supposed to work but it doesn’t. It doesn’t force update, manually update or automatically update anything ever. I have had this plugin installed on 40 websites and the same issues across all of them, so it’s definitely not a me issue. Festinger says there are new features, but they don’t exist to the rest of us because it still runs like complete shit all the time. Drags ass when searching for plugins. If I ask it to install it gives me an error saying it couldn’t reach the database or 502’s my website completely. I have full access to my dedicated server this is running on, so there isn’t an issue with permissions or memory.

Just make the plugin work already.

Hello @ChefWeird and first of all: I’m sorry to read that you’re having issues with the Festinger Vault plugin.

May I ask if you have checked our latest announcements?