Geo My WP All Access Pass


I would like to see ALL the “Geo My WP” Extensions obtainable with the “All Access Pass” added to Festinger Vault:

Title: Geo My WP All Access Pass

Link: Pricing • GEO my WP

List of Link Extensions:

@Steve could you please check if these are available?

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Hi, thanks for the quick reply, but I don’t think I understand the question, what do you mean if they are available?
If you mean if they are present on FestingerVault, then no they are not present. Or if instead you mean if they are available to be purchased individually, then yes, in the first message I inserted the respective link to the description and purchase page for each individual plugin.

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Please refer to the article for more detailed information on how it works.

I have read the article you provided me, and I have verified that at the moment the “Geo my WP” plugins have not been inserted by any other FestingerVault user in the “Whishlist” topics, and from what I understand, I should create a “Whishlist” topic for every single plugin I mentioned in this topic, right?

This topic is enough, and I have informed my team about your request. The file will be added. When? I will inform you as a reply to this topic.

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Okay thank you very much, I really appreciate it

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