HELP hosting resources are maxing out randomly. I have 0 visitors

I was wondering if I could get help in figuring out what is happening with my wordpress as I am getting resource issues when I am not directly working on my site. I also have 0 or nearly 0 visitors. Its not a surge in visitors.

I downloaded y hosting log where I can see the GET and POST request but I honestly dont know enough to understand. I am guessing that thre is a plugin or a setting that is causing this issue, but I do not know how to troubleshoot it because I can not replicate it at will.

So im looking for a bit of knowledge. So far google has not helped me in this regard. I found one interesting article Finding the Culprit of High CPU Usage in our WordPress Server but this method is focus on finding rogue php-requests, which I do not seem to have (no php-requests in my log).

I can see the times where my Resource usage spiked but like I mentioned. I was not using wordpress admin / nor working on the site at those most recent times.

I could disable one plugin at a time but I do have quiet a bit of plugins currently.

A2 Optimized WP
Akismet Anti-Spam
Astra Pro
CartFlows Pro
Checkout Plugins - Stripe for WooCommerce
Code Snippets
Easy Hide Login
Elementor Blocks for Gutenberg
Elementor Pro
Envato Market
Export Media URLs
Festinger Vault
Import Export WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers
JetWooBuilder For Elementor
Kadence Blocks - PRO Extension
Kadence Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks for Page Builder Features
Kadence Pro - Premium addon for the Kadence Theme
Kadence Shop Kit
Kadence Starter Templates
Kadence WooCommerce Email Designer
LiteSpeed Cache
Nextend Social Login
Nextend Social Login Pro Addon
OpenPos - POS Credit Checkout
Order Export & Order Import for WooCommerce
Payment Plugins for Stripe WooCommerce
PixelYourSite PRO
Pretty Links Developer Edition
Product Import Export for WooCommerce
ProductX Pro - Gutenberg Product Blocks for WooCommerce
ProductX – Gutenberg WooCommerce Blocks
Sequential Order Numbers for WooCommerce
SUMO Payment Plans
Support Board
User Switching
Warp iMagick - Image Compressor
Woo Custom Gateway
Woocommerce + openpos + Stripe Terminal
WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery
WooCommerce Deposits
WooCommerce Force Default Variant
WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency
Woocommerce OpenPos
Woocommerce OpenPOS - Price for POS
Woocommerce OpenPos Online Payment
WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches Premium
WooCommerce Shipping & Tax
WooCommerce Wholesale Pro
WordPress Importer
WP All Export - WooCommerce Export Add-On Pro
WP All Export Pro
WP All Import - WooCommerce Import Add-On Pro
WP All Import Pro
WP Headers And Footers
WP Sheet Editor - Custom Tables
WP Sheet Editor - Post Types (Premium)
WP Sheet Editor - Taxonomy Terms Pro
WP Sheet Editor - WooCommerce Products (Premium)
WP STAGING PRO - Backup Duplicator & Migration
WPML All Import
WPML Multilingual CMS
WPML String Translation
WPNotif: WordPress SMS & WhatsApp Notifications
YayMail Pro - WooCommerce Email Customizer

Any help?
Thanks in advance.

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You can install the query monitor plugin to see what’s going on. Alternatively, if you have ssh access, you could run some command like htop.

Your site more likely suffers from what we call ‘bloat’.

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Hello @jonnycg – thanks a lot for your question here.

As @random293 suggested, you can install query monitor plugin in order to check which plugin is slowing down your WP instance. But you’re running quite a lot of plugins, which slows down your wp hosting.

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Thank you both for the suggestion. Before learning about query monitor, I decided to deactivate all the import/export related plugins as that accounted for a good ammount of plugins. I also was able to uninstal 2 or 3 plugins that were not needed any longer. Finally I installed the heartbeat plugin and it seems to have helped the situation. I am going now use the plugin suggested, it seem to be exactly what I was looking for, just did not think of the right words to find it. Thansk again both of you!

You’re welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Good luck and if you need anything else; our team is here to help you.

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