Help with a few questions please?

Yo Festinger,

  1. What plugin can help me bulk insert product reviews with pictures? Preferably something that’s available in the vault.

  2. Do you know what Wordpress plugin can be used to do something like this? Preferably something that’s available in the vault.


Hey man, are you looking for a bulk insert tool for product reviews for WooCommerce or just for WordPress?

Can you send me a live website using this feature?

Yo Festinger,

  1. I am looking to bulk insert product reviews with pictures for WooCommerce. Something like this link at the bottom of these pages: Areco™ YouthBoost – Areco Commerce or like this MicroShape™ LED Handset – Kaitel

  2. Sure it is viewable on this link here: Areco™ YouthBoost – Areco Commerce


You can insert bulk reviews here:

You can create something like this:

If I recall, this plugin is available here too.

Thanks Festinger. Would you happen to know something that can bulk insert images as well? The option you provided looks great but doesn’t seem to be able to do this.

I am not familiar with that particular feature, but feel free to check out their documentation :wink:

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