How do you think we do? We do loot a lifetime membership of the best idea to improve our services! :-)


My suggestion regarding the whitelabel feature.

At the moment we can partially make it a whitelabel software by adding the plugin ourselves to our clients dashboard and changing the details of the plugin. The problem comes when the plugin is de-activated and then re-activated. When a client does this the festinger vault details, along with the links, re-appear, so our clients know where we bought the plugin. This means it is not a true whitelabel.

What we need is a WHITELABEL PLUGIN that we can give to our customers with a license key. It may be difficult to create a plugin where WE can add our whitelabel details before we send it to our customers. But, there is no problem creating a plugin where ALL the details for the plugin are a “generic” name that dosent link back to the Festinger vault website in any way. Then, if our customers tried to “dig inside the plugin” they would never find out about Festinger vault.

Hopefully something can be done to make it a TRUE whitelabel plugin. I would then increase the lifetime price to $999! :slight_smile: