I install Advanced Ads Pro plugin but I can't find it

Good morning. I tried installing this Advanced Ads Pro plugin 3 times on 2 of my different sites. the problem is that I have consumed 3 credit limits without using the plugin

Hi there,

We credited your license.

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have you solved the plugin problem?

Hello @yassir,

Upon checking the issue locally, I was able to install the Advanced Ads Pro plugin successfully. It’s recommended that you check the problem from your end.

same problem as yesterday. I even lost points for nothing.
By the way, when I started using your plugin, I had a lot of load on the server. a DDOS attack?

It’s recommended to check this thread:

please I’m not understanding. do you mean I have to wait until a new version of the plugin is launched?
I really don’t like server with laod . and I want to be sure if by an attack on plugin or by bug in the plugin. let me know thanks . no, I need it a lot, almost all plugins that are installed don’t work for me

Since installing the plugin, my websites have gone down. I haven’t received any response to my previous questions. Please let me know how I can get a refund. I have already removed the plugin from my two websites.