I'm New user: info

Hi, i’m new user. I’m see some plugin not installable: Something went wrong.

75% plugin are old version(I install 6 plugin now and : element pack, admin menu editor, really simple ssl pro, Revolution Slider are old version), not update frequently.

In festinger vault dashboard i can’t see my license.

Element Pack not actived and not working

All normal?


Hey @HDL, welcome aboard!

Please make sure to check out our latest announcement here: [MEGA THREAD] Live Development Updates of the Festinger Vault Plugin.

We’re currently working on a complete overhaul of the Festinger Vault plugin. Some of the current features aren’t working, which is why your plugins are showing as outdated.

Keep an eye on the announcements topic for updates; we’ll be addressing all reported issues.

Thanks for answer.

How can i insert license in your website, because latest version of es. Admin Menu Editor PRO is available for download in your website, but not in plugin ?


You can download the latest version of this plugin directly from our main website and upload it manually to your website.

i can’t do that, because my purchase is invisible in website. If i email you my license can you help me ?

I’m registered and purchased with email -removed by staff-

Thanks for support.


I sent you a personal message as issues related to your license are handled by email ticket support.