Installing and Configuring Elementor Template Kits

:star_struck: Summary Installing and configuring Elementor Template Kits allows you to use predefined templates for Elementor.
:hammer_and_wrench: Availability This feature is available for all membership levels.
:open_book: Source The templates can be downloaded from our main website and using the Festinger Vault plugin.

A Template Kit is a collection of pre-designed templates for Elementor that share a cohesive visual style. It is not a WordPress theme. Template Kits will have “Elementor Template Kit” in the item title.

You can purchase Elementor Template Kits from ThemeForest or if you’re an Envato Elements subscriber, you’ll have unlimited access to hundreds of Premium Template Kits by connecting your Elements subscription to the Envato Elements plugin.

You can use the Envato Elements WordPress plugin to easily import both Template Kits and Stock Photos.

Template kits require the Elementor Page Builder plugin and an Elementor-friendly theme such as Hello Elementor to be installed and activated before being imported. Some kits may be designed for Elementor Pro, the premium version of Elementor. Pro kits require you to have Elementor Pro installed and activated prior to import. These kits are clearly marked on the item description.

Template Kits do not require an activation code or Elements subscription to install.

Subscribers - How to Import Premium Template Kits

(for manual upload, scroll to the next section)

  1. Install the plugin from Plugins > Add New by searching for Envato Elements

  2. Once activated, click on the Elements menu link. You will be greeted with the Template Kit Browser.

  3. Click Connect Elements Account at the top right and log in to your Envato Elements account. Your subscription token should appear.

  4. Copy and paste your token into the popup field in WordPress and click Verify Token

  5. Once your account is connected, you’ll have full access to all free and premium Template Kits, plus the Elements photo library.

Importing Kits (Connected Accounts)

  1. Search for a kit by keyword or name, use the category filter, or browse through until you find something you like!

  2. To install a kit, simply click the Install Kit button under the cover image.

  3. Click View Installed Kit to preview all the templates.

  4. Continue below with Importing Templates

Importing Kits by Uploading Your Template Kit Zip File

Kits may be imported manually with a Template Kit zip file downloaded from Elements or Themeforest.

  1. First, ensure the file you have is an Elementor Template Kit, not a WordPress theme or other Template type such as HTML or “Web template”. Elementor Template Kits will always have “Elementor Template Kit” in the item title.

  2. The file must be the original zip downloaded from Envato Elements or Envato Market. If you use Safari, you must disable “Open Safe Files after Downloading” under Preferences to ensure the file remains zipped.

  3. In WordPress, go to Elements > Installed Kits and click Upload Template Kit Zip File

  4. The Templates should appear.

Importing Templates

  1. An orange banner will appear above the loaded templates if your kit requires additional addons. Click Install Requirements for details.
  2. A popup will appear listing the plugins your kit needs installed or activated. Click Install Requirements to proceed.
  3. Click Import Template on the Global Kit Styles to load the font and color profile for your kit. These may be changed or disabled at any time under Elements > Settings.
  4. Now you may begin importing your templates by clicking the Import Template button on the desired template. For best results, only import one template at a time.

These templates are stored in Elementor under Templates > Saved Templates and only need to be imported once.

If your kit uses Elementor Pro, you will have additional “Global” templates under Templates > Theme Builder.

Creating Your Pages

  1. Go to Pages in your WordPress menu, create a new page and click Edit with Elementor
  2. Click the gear icon at lower-left of the builder to view page settings and choose Elementor Full Width and toggle Hide Title to Yes
  3. dc35b439-1f58-4130-5613-003f62c7c6f4.jpg
  4. Click the gray folder icon to access My Templates tab and then Import the page you’d like to customize.

If you have Elementor Pro, headers and footers may be customized by clicking the menu icon at top-left of the builder and choosing Theme Builder.

Global Templates

Global templates are a feature of Elementor Pro and will appear on several pages at once, or under special conditions. A common example of a global template is the menu header, which appears on all pages of your site if your kit includes one. Global templates only need to be edited in one place for the changes to take effect everywhere the template appears.

Setup Forms, Sliders, or other Features

Your kit may use features of 3rd party plugins such as Metform or ElementsKit. Visit your Template Kit’s item page on Themeforest or Envato Elements for detailed steps on the setup of those features.

For all other issues such as setup, customization, or plugin features, go to Elementor > Get Help in your WordPress menu.

Importing Photos

Photos may be imported directly to your media library while working in the builder after you have connected an active Envato Elements subscription.

  1. Go to Elements > Photos to browse photos.

  2. If you haven’t connected your Envato Elements subscription, click Connect Elements Account

  3. Browse through photos, search or filter to find the perfect image, then simply hover over it to click the Download icon and it will be imported to your WordPress Media Library.

  4. From within the Elementor Builder, you may also click the green leaf icon to browse photos.

Note: Images are imported at WordPress-optimized size of 2000px or less. If you need a higher definition photo for your project, you may visit the Elements website and search for the photo name as seen in your Media Library when you click on the photo.


Thanks guys. so this means, once we downloaded a kit from Festingervault we’re still required to have an envato subscription to be able to download demo content?

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Unfortunately, just like the other themes posted on our repository – demo images are not included as they are copyright protected (theme developers use stock photos and its insanely expensive to purchase extended licenses per photo); so yes, some kits do include the demo content, some other’s dont.

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the template is more than good enough!
Thanks for the post!

Cheers, not a problem!

Hi I saw the instructions (same what I did the first time) tried importing the template one by one but again the same issue. Am I doing something wrong? I see the template on my dashboard but everytime I click import I’m getting an error :frowning:

Hmm, that’s odd @ymichaelides1 → we will check this for you and we will let you know asap.

Hey guys, thanks for the job you are doing. You are awesome, I have a question related to this plugin, but “get support” button doesn’t work. Is it just a free “unimproved” version of a plugin? It feels like it does only regular free things, but I’m not quite certain what does it should do? I’ve tried to insert an image from it’s listing, it doesn’t want to do it, asks for the key. Prior that, I’ve imported an elementor kit in it, it went well.

Hello @Mur4ikovsky,

Thanks a lot for your message. I’m not sure, are you referring to a particular button?

hey. i imported all and it looks great i mean everything looks good in homepage even photos and styles , etc) but its missing icons (ex: play button on video, service icons , etc) any idea why? what could been missing?