Introducing the new Festinger Vault Plugin - A Journey from Development to Launch! [Pre-Release]

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to start this thread to inform you about the current development status of the long-awaited rework of the Festinger Vault plugin. We have received many questions and feedback in the last few months and are happy to give you more insight into the current process.

Before we dive into the new reworked plugin, I received numerous reports that some of the features of the current version 4.2.8 of the Festinger Vault are broken or partially working. As mentioned in this announcement, we did a complete overhaul of our backend system, which is still connected to the current version of the Festinger Vault plugin. Some features that might not work are automatic updates, bulk install and download, and white-label features.

As we aim to launch the reworked plugin as soon as possible, I recommend using the current Festinger Vault plugin only if required. We cannot guarantee a stable workflow using the plugin.

Let’s get into the details of the new Festinger Vault plugin:

Our backend framework is ready to be connected with the new Festinger Vault plugin. As you might have noticed, we used ReactJS to change the interface of our production website, community forums, and user dashboard. All the latest features will also be baked into this framework.

The Festinger Vault plugin’s new version will use the ReactJS and React Redux framework. This framework is so fast that it will load all data instantly from our engine. There will be no more waiting or longer loading times, as the reworked plugin doesn’t affect WordPress’s loading time.

Here is an overview of the features:

Move from license key to domain activation tokens

We say goodbye to the old-fashioned license keys that activated the Festinger Vault plugin. Now, you can create a unique token and use it to activate the plugin on each domain.

The code base of the new plugin is 100% white label

As most customers are reselling our services, we decided to introduce a complete white-label version of the plugin. We are rewriting the entire code base of the Festinger Vault plugin so that all footprints and code functions are 100% white-labeled. None of your customers will know that you’re using our service to offer your clients all the features of the Festinger Vault plugin.

With the introduction of the white label code base, you can control everything directly from your user dashboard on our main website. The following features will be available (but not limited to):

Customize all data:
Enter your company details, such as plugin name, folder name, company name, company logo, descriptions, support URLs, about pages, etc. You can insert all data through our main website and update it instantly on your client’s websites.

Settings per domain:
All data can be set per domain level. So, if you offer your services to clients, you can use various data setups/customizations.

Custom color schemes:
Through our new interface, you can define various (preselected) color schemes. You can also add your color schemes to ultimately shape the styling of the Festinger Vault plugin to suit your needs.

It is also possible to upload your logo or SVG icon.

Advanced access control:
All features can be controlled through your main dashboard. This is an overview of all possible access you can control:

  • Define the number of allowed downloads per day, week, or month.
  • Define the number of installations per day, week, or month.
  • Define which user role/user can access the Festinger Vault plugin and which pages can be accessed.
  • Restrict access to your clients based on product or category level. For example, your clients can only download/install silver items or themes from the ThemeForest category.
  • Create custom product sets and make them available to your clients. With our new custom list plugin, you can make custom sets of plugins/themes and assign them to your domains. This way, you can offer your clients only a small set of downloads that you have predefined.
  • Enable/disable automatic updates
  • Enable/disable custom lists (allow your customers to create custom lists)
  • Enable/disable favorite lists.
  • Enable/disable multi-language
  • Enable/disable bulk download/installations
  • Enable/disable version control
  • Enable/disable additional content
  • Enable/disable permission to request updates

Multi-language is supported
You can translate all the Festinger Vault texts/phrases as multi-language is supported. You can either translate the plugin using our main dashboard or your own language files.

Custom CSS is supported:
Do you want to integrate your own custom CSS? That is no problem. You can add it to our plugin.

Compatible with all themes and plugins:
The reworked plugin is compatible with all available themes and plugins.

Password protect / 2-auth support:
You can set up a simple password or 2-auth to access the Festinger Vault plugin. Or you can require your customers to do so.

When is this new plugin released?

When it’s ready. This question has been asked a dozen times now, and we aim to release a beta version with the basic functionalities listed above by the end of April 2024. We will be opening our beta section soon. Our team will post an update on this thread once it’s opened for joining.

Is there an upgrade cost?

Nope, all the features listed above are free for all current lifetime and professional users, including the legacy lifetime membership.

Final words for now

We are excited to launch the reworked plugin as soon as possible. We want to make everyone happy with a 100% stable plugin that can be used on the production websites rather than rush and launch a buggy version. Therefore, we will make 100% sure all features will be tested before we launch the stable version.

Please stay tuned! :handshake:
We will add some screenshots very soon. :love_you_gesture:


P.S. Is your feature missing? Please mention @martin, and we will be happy to integrate it.


Wow, that’s a crazy BIG update! Well done, team @Martin

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This sounds AMAZING. Great work!!! It has everything I was wishing for and much more. Love it.

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Wow! Cant wait… Looking forward to beta testing!

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That`s really Great News. Excited about everything upcoming in this topic )

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Once again, D-E-L-I-V-E-R-E-D.
Can’t wait to see how this one looks. It’s a matter of time (and not much) until Fest becomes FestForest and FestCanyon. The GPL go-to for sure.

Great news, much appreciated!

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Wow, I can’t wait! :muscle:

@Martin The current plugin gets the favicon of the site provided in the white label feature. Is it possible to have an option to upload its own SVG image for a better integration of the plugin with the WordPress design system?

Thanks all for your feedback! It’s lovely to read that you’re excited to see the new updates!

‘FestForest’ → lol, this is actually a brilliant name. Thanks for the laughs and feedback!

Thanks for the feedback, @Risengan (as always). Yes, it will be possible to upload a custom SVG or image file with the white-label options. I included that option too in the feature list. Thanks.



Any way to get on a pre-release/beta testing list?

Happy to provide feedback

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Your reply here will count as a spot on the list. :wink:


Count me in too :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to test these new amazing features!

Keep up the great work!

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Wow, pretty awesome update! Excited to see it in action when the beta comes around. Thank you!

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Than you so much for the recent updates @Martin youve been working crazy hard against all odds and its paying off well and its perfect. Am so waiting for the new festinger vault plugin and also the all new engine capabilities. Any chance I could get a chance on the beta tester team​:blush::blush:

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You have been included as well. I am happy you’re part of the beta testers team!

Cheers, we are excited as well! This big update is gonna be a game-changer.

Thanks for the feedback @CDA. Yes, it took a while to shape our final product and prepare the entire backend for this big update… but we’re finally there. Our next update will be the actual launch of our new plugin and it will be great. :smiley: I’ll include you as well for the beta team!

@Martin it’s on the plan to make it possible to configure directly via a functions.php file or directly on the code?
This would be great.

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If possible, I’d love to be part of the beta test too, thanks!


We will be releasing more info about this very soon. We have two options in mind:

  1. The white-label version of the plugin would have a constants file, with values defined like wp-config for white-labeled data. For customers with the white label option enabled, we will provide the option to mask our engine subdomain name using their own CNAME or a custom-generated subdomain from a white-labeled domain.
  2. The configuration can be done directly through the admin panel on our production website. If set, it will auto-update on the white label plugin as we mask the connection with the engine, as explained above.

I hope this helps.

Your spot has been reserved as well. :love_you_gesture:


If possible, I’d love to be part of the beta test too, thanks!

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If possible, I’d love to be part of the beta test too, thanks!