License Activation wp-script

Hi Martin,

Can you activate the wp-script core for me please?

Also I see that you have the affiliate area going now, can you point me to the documentation?

Also, I briefly discussed this with you before, I guess as a VIP member I can sell themes and plugins but I’m still of a mind to keep myself as white Label as possible but would like to figure out a method where you receive a portion of any sales I make.

Basically VIP member or not still wanna give back I mean I have a life time membership which I am very grateful for and it seems like you should still be compensated for my private sales as I wouldn’t be able to do that without FestingerVault:)

I forgot how I sent you login info last time for activation , how can I send you admin login securely to activate wp-script core?

Also, last we talked you said we could sell the adult stuff as well but provide proof of sale. I was wondering if I but some ads together if Sebastien and crew at WP-Script will not think I pirated their stuff lol.

Is it possible to link the wp-script through your affiliate program to track any sales and maybe instant activate through the affiliate portal triggered by a noted conversion? Just a thought?

Hi @JohnnyH,

Thanks for the feedback!