[MEGA THREAD] Live Development Updates of the Festinger Vault Plugin

Hello everyone,

Our team has been diligently working to finalize the long-awaited new Festinger Vault plugin since its announcement at the beginning of 2024. We have received numerous questions through live chat, ticket support, beta testing forums, and social media channels. We have decided to open a centralized topic to address all your inquiries and provide you with the latest updates on the development. So, here it is. :love_you_gesture:

:warning: TLDR: By the end of the opening post, all questions will be added as FAQs. Please check them.

Our MIT team has decided to overhaul our Festinger Vault framework by developing a new plugin. In the first few months of this year, we revamped our entire backend code to accommodate our 50,000+ clients. Furthermore, we updated our central theme on the production website using a WordPress blocks theme. However, the user interface still relies on WordPress blocks and custom-made plugins to handle everything. This setup is not ideal due to the numerous plugins that manage our production website’s UI.

The new plugin is coded in React using shadcn UI. As we optimized our backend code to work with the new Festinger Vault React plugin, we also plan to implement the same user interface on our production website. Our development team will replace the blocks theme with React elements later this year.

Our new user interface will be more minimal, with no unnecessary elements. There will be no gradient backgrounds but a professional and stable plugin that can be used for your WP websites or resold to your clients with 100% white-labeled code. Since we are using Tailwind CSS, personalizing the Festinger Vault plugin and our production website will be very straightforward.

We are planning to release a closed beta to our beta-testing user group by the end of this month. This version will only include basic functionalities such as license activation, download/install feature, filter and search, etc.

Thank you. Stay tuned for more updates. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here, and our team will address them. :+1:

Have an awesome weekend!



What is the launch date of the new Festinger Vault plugin?

We will be releasing a closed beta by the end of June 2024. During this time, the plugin will be available for testing on one of our servers, and any bugs can be reported. After our development team has fixed the most critical bugs, we aim to release a stable public version.

I have an issue with the current legacy version of the Festinger Vault plugin. What to do?

Our team acknowledges the issues reported with the current legacy version of the plugin. Please be aware that we are working with a small development team and aiming to release the new Festinger Vault version as soon as possible. In other words, all of the reported bugs will be fixed in the new version, but we will not provide a fix for the legacy plugin (version 4.2.8).


Thanks for the clear infomration!

I am looking forward to test the new plugin out

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Lovely UI/UX design! :heart_on_fire:

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Nice, looking forward to the new plugin.

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Does this mean you are moving away from WordPress for the new plugin or simply moving to headless WordPress for the frontend?

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Excited to see what the new plugin holds!

Are there any plans to release an API, alt. to document the existing API that the plugin uses if we would like to customize the functionality/write our own plugin at some point? That would be amazing


Please bring back the “Favorites” feature that was present before 2024. You’ve been promising to bring it back for 6 months!
By recovering the data we had created.

I literally spent weeks creating the lists.

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We will use WordPress as a headless CMS and React as the front-end UI.

Yup, we will release an OPEN API once we launch our new plugin and production web.

We have received your request multiple times now. We understand the frustration of not having the bookmark functionality at this moment, but rest assured, it will be coming back soon.

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Hi @Martin ! I know you’re committed to this demand… You know I’m not one to complain and take problems forward, but my clients are tearing my hair out… Do you already have a forecast beyond the end of the month?

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If everything goes as planned, we will release the closed beta by the end of this week.

The plugin has been tested internally for a few days, and it’s working quite well.

I’m unable to comment on when the plugin will be released to the public (yet).

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Hey Martin, where do I go to get help with the legacy plugin? I have never been able to get it to work on Wordpress and have been manually updating plugins. Thanks!

Please check my response here:

Hail hail @Martin! I understand that they are working to resolve all the clients’ demands, but give us some good news… My clients have given up on pulling out my hair, they are hanging on my balls wanting to fry them to eat with flour… Help me warrior : Is there any good news?

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We will be releasing the closed beta tomorrow. Please stay tuned.


Please check this thread for the login credentials for all beta testers to access the closed beta.

Amazing choice on going with Shadcn UI, I have had my pros and cons with Tailwind, but that must of been just me haha, I love how minimalistic and elegant the UI already looks. Keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the feedback.

New updates will follow soon.

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I don’t really get why there is a need for changing the interface, what we need is the auto-update plugin, it’s what was advertised in the beginning and made us buy in the first place, but it doesn’t work…


That is the only reason why I paid money to this company…

The Auto-Update feature…

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