[MEGA THREAD] Live Development Updates of the Festinger Vault Plugin

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Thanks for the feedback, @hgm. I can completely understand your frustration regarding the automatic updates. The interface is integrated with the backend of our engine - which is responsible for the entire service, including the automatic updates. So, that’s why we made the UI change.

Regarding the malfunctioning of the current automatic updates, we are aware of the issue. WordPress uses its own plugin manager to provide automatic updates. The algorithm used for automatic updates varies for each plugin or theme. For instance, WP Rocket checks for new versions based on the folder name (wp-rocket), while other plugins use different methods, leading to issues. This problem is particularly evident when a plugin uses an add-on, such as add-ons for Easy Digital Downloads, all of which share the same ‘file name.’

Our backend has been overhauled, simplifying the algorithm. Our system is now 100% accurate in determining which plugin/theme/addon is being used and its correct version. Below is a screenshot of our backend displaying the versions of Elementor Pro:

With the upcoming update, you can rest assured that we provide a solid automatic updates management system that is 100% reliable and always up-to-date. We are integrating the automatic user interface as we speak, so I will post an update very soon. You’ll love it.

Thanks for voicing your concerns as well. Please check my reply from above and let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the update.
We are super excited.

Do we have an ETA on the new fix ver.?

There is no ETA. You can follow the process through this topic. :wink:

Just a suggestion. Kindly put dates, like in Changelog. It shows the progress

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You mean something like this?

We’d love to see this new Festinger plugin integrate with MainWP somehow, to be able to install or update plugins from Festinger across multiple sites at once. …or any other kind of solution for agencies, even an in-house one.


I’d buy another lifetime subscription just for a MainWP Favorites integration feature alone!

Who’s with me to sponsor this request with additional subscriptions to make it happen?


We will add a feature to the Festinger Vault main dashboard that corresponds with MainWP shortly.

There is no need for extra funds. :wink:



Today, we launched a new update: the install feature.

Are you interested in beta testing?

Sign up here!

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No point in reinventing what MainWP does so well, just leverage what they do by making Festinger able to install to the MainWP Favourites directory on a MainWP Dashboard installation and my WP maintenance life will be complete :pray:


We are cooking :wink:

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How can i join the beta test? I do not see a “Request Access” Button…

Same here… I would like to be included. I love testing software!

Here you go:


Please check the link from above. :wink:

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when MainWP already excels in this area. Festinger should leverage MainWP’s capability to install directly to the MainWP Favourites directory on a MainWP Dashboard installation. Once that integration is seamless, my WordPress maintenance tasks will be perfectly streamlined. :pray:


100% agreed!

I still can’t update my plugins… it’s been what 6 weeks man. I don’t like wordfence telling me I have high severity issues. Is there no workaround? I just need to update a few plugins.

You can sign up as a beta tester and follow the development progress in our closed group: