🚀 Next Week: Blast Off to a New Era at Festinger Vault! Major Updates Incoming!

Thanks for your feedback @dustin.rycheck.

All of the previously filters are added back by next week.

When will the plugin allow for bulk installations again? It also rarely works on any of my 14 sites I use all of these wonderful plugins on, but man, the Vault plugin is junk. I have to manually download and install all the plugins I use. I can’t even bulk download with the plugin or else I am met with a lovely 404 Error.

I feel like I’m constantly complaining about things, but I know it’s all a work in progress and it’s a lifesaver for my life. Thanks for putting up with me.

I need my favorites items !
I’m waiting since your last big update and i spent many days to organize all these items.

You said that it will be update the next week since more than 1 month…

Our backend is almost ready for this feature. You will love it, as it allows you to create custom lists + and share it among other users through both Festinger Vault plugin and main website.

Being there from day 1, you came from far and the developments have been great bro.

Goed bezig!

Thanks man!