No purchases in my account?!

since the latest wordpress and elementor updates I get a fatal error from elementor pro.

I now checked and it’s not up to date but I also can’t update because there is no purchase of Elementor Pro in my account but I have a receipt for this account username from Dec 28th 2020.

Maybe you can help me sort this out, I believe at the time I bought Elementor Pro future updates were included already.

Hello @JSTDNTKNW – thank you for your message here.

Can you please upload a screenshot of the payment receipt?

Hey man,

Please check back your account as I have added one download credit to your account with lifetime future updates.

Edit: I blurred your email address from the previous screenshot =)

Thanks a lot!

Do I still need to install the festinger vault plugin to my Wordpress to have the automatic updates? Or does this work without it for one time downloads?

You’re welcome.

You have to install the Festinger Vault plugin to enable automatic updates → please check the topic below for more information:

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As this issue has been resolved, I’m closing this topic.