Plugin does not update themes and neither do installed plugins

Today I came across a boring situation! I had to update all of my clients’ sites manually, since the festinger plugin isn’t updating or forcing the update. I had to update all of my clients’ websites manually, since the festinger plugin is neither updating nor forcing the update. Here’s the print.

Hi @Baraagencia,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

We just checked the download/update history of your account and we can see ‘force update’ updates log from your account. Could you please tell us how you’ve updated them, we can see that the plugin has been updated.

I performed the updates manually, uploading each plugin via wp.

Hi @Baraagencia,

I’m just bumping this topic to see if this issue has been fixed for your WordPress instance?

Please upgrade to the latest version of the Festinger Vault plugin (version 4).

I’m currently experiencing the same problem.
I’ve tried everything, I removed the plugin and installed a new copy yesterday, but still no joy. I’m also having to download the plugins manually which just wastes my daily download credits.

What is causing this?


Double post by @Firebrand: