Production website is being moved from OpenLiteSpeed to NGINX

Hi everyone,

Today, we are moving our production website from OpenLiteSpeed to a custom NGINX build in preparation for the launch of the new Festinger Vault plugin. The approximate downtime will be 30 minutes.


I’m seriously considering doing the same with our production server, which is currently on OpenLiteSpeed.

May I ask why you made the move?


Been a user of NGINX for over a decade, super happy.
Amazing performance, great compatibility, easy to edit config files.
It’s only slightly less good for shared hosting environments because of the lack of htaccess files, but those are less and less needed (and you could implement them with NGINX).

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OLS is great for shared hosting environments and VPS systems. As we moved to a new framework that relies on multiple dedicated servers, there was a need of a custom build for our system. As we investigated the options for OLS, we noticed that NGINX was preferred as we are using a lot of custom configs.

We loved OLS for a while, but as we grew drastically in the last couple of months, we decided to entirely switch to NGINX. How is the website speed at your end?

Indeed amazing performance if configured right. I also noticed that OLS published a lot of fake benchmarks in the couple of years. As we do not require .htaccess using our system, we rely 100% on NGINX (no hybrid build with Apache).

Let me know if you face any errors.


How is the website speed at your end?

Really snappy - I like it!

What database setup do you have? Single MariaDB instance? Galera cluster with ProxySQL?

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I have used both, and must say, a good custom 100% NGINX (Despite all the bad reviews, which as Adam said, mostly are just fake to generate controversy) without relying on Apache has been such a game changer that I just had to add to this thread :rofl:

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