Reading Posts - Reverse order

Is there a setting to reverse the order of comments in a post? Or am I just missing it?
Having to scroll to the bottom of every post to see the most recent / latest post(s) is hectic.

When clicking on a post, can the timeline of posts be from recent at the top and then scroll to older?

Thanks a lot for your feature suggestion @BryantGrant

We will see it by next week if this is technical possible, and if so, if there is a demand for it =)

Hello @BryantGrant,

Thanks again for bringing this feature request to our community.

We had a chat with the developer of our forum software and unfortunately, it’s technically not possible. The system is designed to ‘remember’ where the forum user was reading, and when he/she, comes back, the system will place him/her on the latest message.

There is no way we change this forum behavior, so, therefore, we’re closing this feature request for now.

Feel free to bring any new features to this section =)