Stripe / Paypal plugin

Yo Festinger, which Stripe / Paypal payment gateway plugins do you use?

The default ones seem from WooCommerce has very poor reviews. Wondering if there is something better out there. Also, I encounter many failed orders and am wondering whether other plugins help?


Hi @tinfoilhatman,

Welcome here and nice to see you here as well!

We’re using:

I hope this helps =)

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Thanks Festinger. Will the plugins work properly if my website doesn’t use EDD at all? Meaning I just install these plugins just for the sake of getting paypal / stripe payment options on my checkout page.

Hi @tinfoilhatman,

No, these plugins are primarily working for Easy Digital Downloads.

The WooCommerce PayPal and Stripe plugins should work as well.

What exactly is not working as expected?

Thank you Festinger.

On WooCommerce with default Stripe plugin, I frequently receive unsuccessful payments (50% of orders fail).

It is difficult to pinpoint the precise causes using the Stripe logs.

Even worse, two of my orders fail on WooCommerce but don’t even appear in the Stripe logs.

I am not sure if this is a plugin issue and hence wanted to try plugins other than the default ones on WooCommerce.

I see.

Probably there is an issue with your setup, rather than with the plugins, as we’re running a few other shops successfully with Stripe + PayPal for WooCommerce.

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