🔍 theme by industry in relation to their demo

I :mag: … Beauty Salon, all the WordPress themes with beauty salons demos filters


Thanks a lot for this suggestion @dub_byDesign!

We are currently experimenting with a feature to sort by download tag:

But we have to tweak this feature.

Is this something you’re looking for?

I overlooked the themes category, my bad. :crazy_face:

But if we had to tweak it…

sidebar or collapsing filter section
with rows of checkbox that trims result, not add

ThemeForest, template monster, etc…

Corporate, Dentist, Petshop

Type or features
Directory, portfolio, E-Commerce, Magazine Blog, Elementor

Organic, Flat, Dark, Vintage, Modern, experimental

Ajax Search shows results in the search input dropdown. There’s a problem there, click enter, and nothing happens, or try to click on the result dropdown, something is off there.

Sounds like a great improvement indeed.

The current issue is that our own system relies on a custom-made platform, and the ajax search is not capable to read our data yet.

As we have some improvements in mind, this is definitely a feature that requires an upgrade, and it will be added shortly in our new interface. =)

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Hi @dub_byDesign,

I’m happy to announce that this feature is accepted by our team and it will be integrated VERY soon.

Beautiful, let me know if there’s any way I can help; ps, sorry I couldn’t be much help in BETA. I am currently swamped, making big sacrifices that should pay off big time.

No worries man, we appreciate all your feedback (big and small :stuck_out_tongue: )