This is a test topic in wordpress plugins

Admin columns pro issue


My name is Festinger and I am really happy with this forum.

|||type: list|
|||list_type: simple|
|||default: "External link, this link will open in a new tab,, vdo, blank, remove|Most Liked, Posts with the most amount of likes, /latest/?order=op_likes, vdo, self, keep|Privacy, Our Privacy Policy, /privacy, vdm, self, keep"|
|||en: "Comma delimited in this order: link text, link title, URL, view, target, hide on scroll<br><b>Link text:</b> The text for the link<br><b>Link title:</b> the text that shows when the link is hovered<br><b>URL:</b> The path for the link (can be relative)<br><b>View:</b> vdm = desktop and mobile, vdo = desktop only, vmo = mobile only<br><b>Target:</b> blank = opens in a new tab, self = opens in the same tab<br><b>Hide on scroll:</b> remove = hides the link when the title is expanded on topic pages keep = keeps the link visible even when the title is visible on topic pages"|

hoe werkt dit dan? ik heb geen idee man!

ok let me know how this works!!

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thisis a test!! ok ok kok ko test

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this is a REALLY nice test man!!

Hello I am back

Hello I am back once again