Ultimate add ons,royal elelmentor and essential addons for elementor

all these plugins are breaking my website whenever i install them

Could you define break?

If you are not able to edit pages with elmentor, you need to increase the memory limit of Wordpress.

It shows an error message on my website like it has crashed and i’m unable to access the edit page nor see my live site…unless i remove the plugin

This sounds odd @ralphmaseko08,

I just tried all of your mentioned plugins on one of our staging websites and it’s working like a charm.

What does your WP_Debug says?

What are the memory limits of the site?

how do i install all those plugins properly to work…please reply ASAP its so urgent

i think its 1000mb

How do i install them properly to work…please help…if i start with the plugin on WordPress and then i try and download the pro from the vault it never works…

I also downloaded the unlimited elements plugin from wordpress and downloaded the pro from the vault and it gave me an error message…PLEASE HELP…I CAN GRANT YOU TEMPORARY ACCESS TO FIX IT PLEASE…-email address removed by staff- please hit me up directly and i grant you access

Can you answer our questions here?

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As this is unlikely an issue with the null versions. You can also ask for help here

No one should be able to tell you are using null unless you tell them or the company does a manual check.

Troubleshooting these issues require you to give us a lot of specific information about the technical side of your WordPress.

PHP database limit is different than your storage space limit. Some hosting providers set a default of 75mB of PHP and that is extremely limiting and will break your WP with only a few plug-ins.

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