Unable to search in the vault

Hi. So I’ve been using festinger vault for 2 weeks now, but apart from the first week I’ve been unable to use the search function in the vault. Basically nothing happens when I try to search. It’s the same on all the domains where I’ve installed the festinger plugin.

I tried ctrl+f5 which I read in another similar topic, but it didn’t help. Not being able to search is really ruining my experience and I haven’t been able to download everything I want to do.

Can you please help?

Hello @oaker123 – thanks a lot for your comment here and we’re happy to help you out.

Please disable the caching option from your account’s dashboard on our main website.

If that not resolves your issue, I will send you a PM with the request for your admin credentials, so I can have a look why it’s not working properly for you.

I can’t find a caching option. I’ve been looking in all the menus there but I can’t see it.

Go to your account’s dashboard on festingervault.com, click on manage domains and disable the caching feature =)

Cheers! That seems to have done the trick, as the search is working again now :slight_smile: Is there a downside of having the caching disabled?

I’m glad to read that this issue has been fixed.

Beside that fact, that if you disable cache, more server requests will be send to our server (which is occuring more CPU power required by our server), there are no downsides for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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