VirusTotal Reports

:star_struck: Summary VirusTotal Reports is now available for all downloads in the Festinger Vault repo. Each file will be scanned by 62 antivirus scans and the report of the scan will be displayed on every download.
:hammer_and_wrench: Availability All membership plans
:open_book: Source The reports will be displayed on every download page.

What is the advantage of a VirusTotal Report?

VirusTotal is a free service that can detect malicious content and also identify false positives, and normal and harmless items detected as malicious by one or more scanners. The service inspects the strings contained in files submitted to the service and applies certain regular expressions to these in order to identify domains and IP addresses.

Our website utilizes VirusTotal to automatically scan every file uploaded to our platform, which ensures that every user will know whether a file is safe or not before they download it. This is a significant security measure that can help protect users from downloading potentially malicious files. The reports generated by VirusTotal provide detailed information about each file, including which scanners detected potential threats and what type of threat they identified. These reports can be accessed by users when they download files from the Festinger Vault platform.

Where can I find the VirusTotal Reports?

Each VirusTotal report is displayed on the detail/download page of a WordPress theme or plugin. You can see the detailed information about the scan.

The VirusTotal widget shows ‘scanning…’

Please note that every individual file uploaded to the Festinger Vault is scanned. With over 25K+ downloads, it might take some time that every file to be scanned. We are limited by the API numbers of VirusTotal, so as this is quite a new feature, all files will be scanned as soon as possible.

Help, a file shows as infected.

A false positive in VirusTotal refers to a situation where an antivirus product flags a file as malicious during the scan, but the file is actually safe and genuine. This can happen because antivirus products use different techniques to detect malware, and sometimes these techniques result in false positives. False positives can be a significant problem for software developers and vendors, as they can cause legitimate files to be blocked or deleted by antivirus products, leading to disruption in operations and loss of productivity

For more information, you can check their documentation here: