[WISH] Finano - Finance Consulting WordPress Theme


I would LOVE to have the following item added to the Festinger Vault:

Finano - Finance Consulting WordPress:


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Please vote for this theme i have to use this one

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Any updates?

I know you can have a unlimited account on the themeforest in that way you can provide this theme to us right? Would be very happy to see this theme coming to FV

Hi @ConicalCanvas82, we’re not aware of an ‘unlimited account on ThemeForest’.

Can you please guide us where we can find that?

Hi @Martin
You can check this link out for the unlimited downloads: Pricing — Envato Elements. But I see this is for envato Elements and not for the themeforest thats sad :frowning: But there are still a lot of templates for for exaomple Elementor that can be uploaded here

We uploaded the entire collection of Envato Elements on our website :wink:

Your requested theme is on ThemeForest and not on Envato Elements.

Thanks for notifying me! I misread that. Would be great if they offer a unlimited subscription on the themeforest. But then the hole core business is gone xd