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[WISH] All-in-One WP Migration Direct Extension


New member
Jan 7, 2022

I would LOVE to have the following item added to the Festinger Vault:

Title: All-in-One WP Migration Direct Extension

Link: All-in-One WP Migration Direct Extension

Purpose of this plugin to migrate website and skip middle man. As many wp migration plugins are not working as you are familer with the issue this will replace it. google drive, drop box or any similer plugin that need authentication will not work any more as you are also familer with it. So this will resolve all other issue and you guys don’t have to spend any time to fix the issue.
Thank you
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Thanks a lot for your suggestion for our WordPress Items Wishlist.

Please do not forget to vote for your own item 😉

Your item will be considered to be added to our 15K+ themes and plugins repository.

Please check our request policy:
How to make a wish Wishlist
Tell us your wishes and requests regarding new GPL-licensed WordPress items that should be added to the Festinger Vault repository. The intention of the “WordPress Items Wishlist” Forum is to give you the opportunity to request new WordPress Themes or WordPress Plugins which may be added to the repositories in the future. 👉 New item requests can be added here: Please start a new topic and provide the FULL URL and item name with your request. Our team will use this Wishlist to…

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