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Hello! nice work !
I have some suggestions that I find necessary to add to the site. On the plugin or theme pages, why not add a “how to install” section below the description?
For most it will just be install and activate. But there are many that aren’t clear, like elementor pro where you have to activate the free version first, or even worse wordfence which has a complicated process. It’s not practical to have to read 200 posts in the plugin support section. It’ll save us and you time as you won’t have to explain each time on the forum.

Another thing that would be nice would be to reverse the display of the forum on the site’s plugin page. It has to start with the last post and if you want to see older posts, you can go to the forum.

I’d like to take this opportunity to give some suggestions for the next plugin you’re going to release. It would be great for the white label to be able to limit the themes and plugins that can be downloaded. Like the premium themes on themeforest. For example, if I’m selling a site to a customer, I want to make it possible for him to update only his theme, and download and install the plugins I make available to him. I don’t want him to have 10,000 downloadable plugins. It would make the plugin much more professional and premium.


when I went to the dashboard, manage Domains, then click the settings.
Screenshot 2024-04-03 172505

The overlay is appearing in front of the the input box making entry inaccessible. The easiest workaround for now is to delete the last line of code. But I though it would be a good Idea to send a message as well.


Not perfect, but here is a CSS code you can use for the table:

In the meantime, use LiveCSS Editor if oyu wwant to fix yourself.

.page-id-109675 .table-bordered td {
    border: none;
    font-size: 16px !important;

.page-id-109675 .table-bordered td .btn-primary,
.page-id-109675 .table-bordered td .btn-primary.remove_domain {
    font-size: 16px !important;
    padding: .375rem .5rem;
    font-family: inherit !important;

.page-id-109675 .table-bordered td:nth-child(1) {
    font-family: monospace;
    min-width: 10em;
    word-break: nowrap;
    text-overflow: ellipsis;

.page-id-109675 .table-bordered td:nth-child(1) button {
    font-family: inherit !important;
    padding: 3px 15px !important;
    border-radius: 5px;
    width: auto !important;
    font-size: 14px;
    margin-top: 3px;

.page-id-109675 .table-bordered td .toggle-group label.btn {
     width: auto !important;

.page-id-109675 .table-bordered td .toggle {
     width: 100% !important;

.page-id-109675 .table-bordered td {
    max-width: 5px !important;
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so far so good great UI.
Check on this links they’re blank.

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Update looks great @Martin Just a question on if you all expect to re-implement useful Downloads & View counts? I’m not sure if these were hard coded in for testing, or if the values have been set equal across all plugins. But being able to sort by popular, or compare number of downloads from the community, was super helpful when trying to evaluate which plugin to choose.

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Thanks for the recommendation! As this part wasn’t activated yet on our new framework I went ahead and made it available. We will be adding the activation instructions for more plugins and themes in the upcoming days. :handshake:

I 100% agree. I informed our team to include as much as possible of these activation instructions in this area.

Great suggestion as well. I submitted a ticket with the developer of this particular plugin and see if there is a hook available to make this possible. I will keep you updated.

Great suggestions. I also made a comment on this topic with the upcoming white-label features for the Festinger Vault plugin:

We will make it possible to adjust almost every part of the Festinger Vault plugin. Here is a quick overview, but not limited to:

  • Control the number of downloads per day/week/month/year
  • Define the allowance of downloads predefined by the account owner. We are making an option available for you to create custom lists and assign them to a domain so people can only download from these plugins/themes.
  • Hide/show any part of the Festinger Vault plugin, such as menu items, license data, etc.

We are currently building the plugin’s base framework, and once we have something to show, I will post some screenshots.

Thanks again for your suggestions; they are really helpful!

Thanks for the feedback. As this is related to the current (outdated) version of the Festinger Vault plugin, some functions might not work as expected. This includes CSS issues as well. However, I updated the CSS code and the problem should be resolved (for now). Thanks for the quick CSS fix.

The new control panel for the Festinger Vault plugin will have the same design and control elements as our new brand looks.

I fixed the permalinks of both buttons, thanks!

Both features are reinstated! These values were hard-coded for testing as we are integrating them with the filters on category and search results pages. I replaced the hard-coded values with the right data hooks, so you should be able to see the actual download and views count.

I am testing it also with the filters so I will make sure that it will be integrated by Monday. Thanks for the heads up!

Could you consider adding the Request Update section above the VirusTotal Scan Report? Quite frustrating to have to scroll so much to access it for each update :sweat_smile:

Also, I don’t know if this has been requested but can you add the ability to apply custom CSS to the new version of the Festinger Vault plugin to adapt it to our brand? It would be awesome!



I will change that tomorrow for you. I am still checking if the form to request a new update can be placed somewhere else (if you have any suggestions, feel free to share them).

Yes, this will be included!

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Thanks for your consideration. I don’t have a better idea of location at the moment, but I have a suggestion to improve the UI with something simpler and more compact:

.acf-form {
    display: flex;
    gap: var(--wp--preset--spacing--xs);

.acf-fields {
    width: 100%

.acf-field input[type=text] {
    padding: 9px 11px;

.acf-fields>.acf-field {
    padding: 0;



Nice, thanks!

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Thanks, the issue has been fixed!


The update request card has been placed just below the download card. It should be more accessible now to request a new update without scrolling to the bottom.

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It’s perfect, thank you!

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Please change the text color on hover in the notification dropdown and all notifications

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Thanks @Lynes,

The issue has been resolved.