Check Out Our Fresh New Look at Festinger Vault! 🎨

Hey everyone,

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you all! :star2:

If you haven’t already noticed, our beloved Festinger Vault website just got a shiny new makeover! :tada: We’ve spruced things up with a fancy new design, jazzed up our color palette, and revamped the user interface to make your experience smoother than ever before.

But wait, there’s more! :rocket: We’re not stopping there – all those promised new features you’ve been eagerly waiting for? They’re already in the works and headed your way soon.

We’re super thrilled about these changes and can’t wait for you to dive in and explore the fresh vibes of Festinger Vault. :art:

Now, here’s where you come in – we want to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible for you. If you happen to encounter any glitches, bugs, or just want to share your feedback, we’re all ears! Just drop us a message right here in this thread and we’ll jump right on it.

Oh, and speaking of threads, don’t forget to swing by our meta forum to join the conversation about our new look and all things Festinger Vault! :speaking_head:

Ready to see the magic for yourself? Head over to our homepage and let the exploration begin!

Cheers to a fresh start and happy vaulting!



So good to see you working so hard for your product/community!


Clean minimalist design, congrats !


Thanks for the feedback guys! The performance isn’t still optimized, but we will continue our work by tomorrow morning after a 14 hour work shift. :stuck_out_tongue:

Please stay tuned.

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Change favicon! When there will be new plugin?

Congratulations on the new design, it’s much nicer and more professional! :clap: :tada:

Yes, it needs a bit of optimization, but it’s minor and I’m sure you’ll be able to fix it!

Here are some slight recommendations:

At first glance, that’s what I found! I’ll give you more feedback if I find any more issues.

Also, are you planning to refresh the meta forum to adapt it to the new design of the main site? Can you tell us when the new Festinger Vault plugin will arrive? :innocent:

Congratulations again for the hard work you’ve done here! :clap:


plugin also updated?

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Yea looks nice, congrats.
But i don’t get it. I asked about an issue a week ago, but no reply.
You mentioned a lot of issues last week in an email, and then this is the focus?

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There’s also this slash in the navbar when you go to the Pricing page:

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I love the new design. It gives an entirely new feeling to the site.
Great work on UI, too.
The next thing would be fixing and updating plugins, which counts most for customers.


Good work in general, but I think it would be better to adjust the color grading and remove the white color somehow, because my eyes burn every time I open a new page.
Originally the design was supposed to be dark, right?

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It’s beautiful…

Thanks for the feedback! The favicon has been changed and will be visible within a few minutes, as the cache will be flushed for everyone on the server level. The new plugin is in the making stage, and the base work for the framework is finished. Our aim is to release it by the end of April.

Cheers! Thanks for the compliments and comprehensive feedback, man! Your suggestions and reports are really helpful.

Thanks! We reduced the number of reviews from 50 to 15 and included a read more link.

We disabled the hamburger menu for now as we will introduce new menu items in the upcoming days. We will also include a dedicated page for the features, contact details, etc.

Fixed, thanks!



We will check the footer in more detail as we need to add and replace some of the menu items. Thanks!

Yes, we will also introduce a new forum design, which is more minimalistic and will match the color palette of our main website. Our design team is taking care of that as we speak.

The groundwork for the Festinger Vault plugin is done, which means that the plugin can ‘talk’ to our new framework. Since the new plugin is entirely rewritten, we had to change the algorithm from the old endpoints to new ones. As we include many of the requested features, such as the entire white label, multi-language, etc., we want to make 100% sure that all functions will work.

We will open our beta section on our community forums soon to start beta testing it. We aim to launch a stable version of the new plugin by the end of April. I will keep you updated about the progress.

Not yet – but it’s in the pipeline.

Thanks for the feedback. I understand what you’re saying, but many of the issues were also related to the codebase of our previous theme. With the introduction of this new template and codebase, many of the reported problems are fixed. Please report back if you come across any issues, and I will make sure to fix them.


Thank you for the feedback! As we have updated our framework, the update process of the themes and plugins is our main target (parallel to the launch of the new Festinger Vault plugin). Please also note that many of the posted themes and plugins here on the Festinger Vault offer SAAS features, so we do our best to make everything work, but that’s not possible in some cases.

We will be including new filters very soon, which will display all the required information where you asked for.

Thanks for the feedback! We will include an option for a 100% dark theme very soon.

Thanks for the feedback!

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I see verything is fixed now. It is good to be back with the old community and damn the website and dashbaord looks very slick!

Good work!

The only downsite is the website speed. When logged in i have to wait sometimes a long time to load verything in, Even on a fast internet connection


Yes. Same issue here.
It was already slow before changing the design, however now feels slower.

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Everything is great but when user change the product limit, The background overlay is on the above the form of changing limit.

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Thanks for the feedback!

You are right. We have to reconfigure our caching rules, which will be done today. I will post an update on this thread once it has been finished.

You’re correct; some pages require optimization. Thanks for reporting!

Can you please post a screenshot of this?

Thank you for the new look, but it does not work in Safri for Mac!
Any fix would be appreciate.

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Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?