Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Howdy! In this topic, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

1. General Questions

Why choose Festinger’s Vault?

You may call me Festinger, and I’ll be your go-to guy for all things WordPress you may imagine. I have a great collection of paid WordPress themes and plugins, all 100% awesome and legal. I believe in an open-source community and think that WordPress must be available at an affordable price for all of us.

Unfortunately, premium products authors refuse to decouple support from the code, they won’t set regional price differences and they rarely offer discounts for students, low waged or the young.

This is why The Vault!

We solve this problem by redistributing the code without any ads and other bullshit. I don’t sell premium products to make money, I collect money to bring more premium products to The Vault.

How can I trust you?

This is probably the biggest concern people have about downloading plugins like these. You can rest assured that I do NOT tamper with any of these files. They’re all as clean as a whistle. It goes without saying that you can run them through any and all antivirus and anti-malware software you have if you’re still doubtful.

The code is generally not even modified as most plugins work fine out of the box. Except that in some cases, I have to add some additional code to make the plugins work. This is just the minimum change to ensure it doesn’t block your access and all features work smoothly.

Why are your downloads so cheap?!

All WordPress items such as plugins and themes are licensed under the General Public Licence (GPL). This means that once we have purchased the item we are free to redistribute it if we choose to do so.

Your membership to our site goes towards maintaining and buying the subscriptions to 3rd party theme and plugin authors. This form of crowd funding helps keep prices low and we can then pass this benefit on to you.

Our ‘about us’ page explains things in more detail.

Are these genuine downloads?

Yes, 100%. We have active subscriptions to the authors of the products featured on our website. We download from them and redistribute them to you.

How many sites can I use a WordPress plugin or theme on?

As many as you like. The plugins and themes are GPL licensed so you can use them as often as you like on as many sites as you like. Got a friend who’s building a site? Go share them with your friend. Seriously, there are no catches.

Can I make a request for a missing theme or plugin?

I always try my best to get all your requested items, all I have is just a small request to be patient while I get it for you. All the members can vote for these items. The most voted plugin gets added automatically at the end of the month. This is the only way to request new items. No exceptions (except if you take me out for a beer).

You can post your request in this forum category.

An item I downloaded is asking for a registration code. What to do?

Ignore it. Developers include these so that the plugin or theme can update automatically or so that you can register for support. The item itself will work perfectly fine without anything being entered into the box.

You can also get rid of these annoying messages by enabling the ‘disable admin notices’ checkbox from the Festinger Vault plugin.

Can I keep the plugins/themes after my subscription has ended?

Sure. Under the GPL license, you’re free to keep them if you want. The only thing to be aware of is that if you want access to any future updates then you’ll need to have an active subscription with us.

Can I cancel any time?

Of course. You’re not locked into anything. You can cancel your subscription by logging into the members area and visiting the subscriptions link. If you have any problems then let us know and we’ll be happy to cancel it for you. No questions asked. Please note that an active subscription is required in order to keep using our Festinger Vault plugin.

How do I contact you to report a trademark/copyright violation?

Because all items are GPL licensed it’s extremely unlikely there is one. Also, we only use the names of products nominatively as a way of identifying one item from another and clearly emphasize on our website that no items on this site are endorsed or sponsored by any trademark holder. Nonetheless, please use our contact form to highlight any concerns and we’ll be happy to work with you.

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