Request Missing Themes and Plugins to our Wishlist

:star_struck: Summary Is your favorite WordPress theme or plugin missing? Please read this guide to request new items in our wonderful WordPress vault. <3
:hammer_and_wrench: Availability Everyone, including new customers, can request new downloads to the vault.
:open_book: Source Read the rules carefully, as we are doing our best to make this the most extensive WP place on earth!

Tell us your wishes and requests regarding new GPL-licensed WordPress items that should be added to the Festinger Vault repository.

The intention of the β€œWordPress Items Wishlist” Forum is to give you the opportunity to request new WordPress Themes or WordPress Plugins which may be added to the repositories in the future.

:point_right: New item requests can be added here:

Please start a new topic and provide the FULL URL and item name with your request.

Our team will use this Wishlist to learn which WordPress items are popular among our users and we will consider buying licenses for those items that have a high number of votes, fit our budget and have a 100% GPL license.

Please DO NOT use this forum for update requests or other suggestions!

To request an update of a particular theme or plugin you may contact our team by mentioning our bot in one of the support topics here:

Although update requests usually do not make much sense because we publish them as soon as they are available and we have the time to upload them.

Please note that we will delete requests and posts in the future that do not belong in the forums to keep them organized for everyone.

We do not accept requests, we only accept suggestions.

If you make a suggestion it does not mean we will buy it for you as there are many reasons in deciding which suggestions we will add to the site.

When you post a suggestion here we consider the following things:

  • How many times have you subscribed to the site. We can’t buy a product(s) for $60 for a user who subscribed for only one month.
  • If you subscribed for three months or more we would probably buy your suggestion if the conditions are good.
  • We accept only Suggestions here, we do not handle requests.
  • One suggestion per month per user.
  • We closely consider an items popularity and likely appeal across the site for many members, not just you!
  • We consider if the item suggested has licence protection, and if so, can it be bypassed.
  • We consider the cost of the item, does it provide good value for the price. Many items are grossly overpriced.

Please note that we have the right to ignore suggestions for many reasons, we understand your needs but we are not a money bank and have to be responsible.

When making a suggestion please ensure you provide a URL.

If you wish to suggest a new item to add to our site then by all means do but also bear the following in mind;


  • Only items that are popular and will add value to the site for the benefit of many - Important!
  • Items that are shown to be updated often
  • Items that provide good support
  • Fairly priced
  • New and exciting items that show promise
  • Re expensive items - you may be asked to contribute to help grease the money pot!


  • Niche items. An example of this would be; items that most users would not be interested in, say a plugin that calculates taxi pricing! You need to purchase these yourself as they bring no real benefit to the site.
  • Has API Protection so can’t be activated and is therefore useless.
  • Has Poor ratings
  • Has Bad support
  • No recent update
  • Way too expensive

Now, if you wish to offer a suggestion after considering the previous text, please create a new forum post

Make sure you provide:

  • The URL to the item (Important - not just the name)
  • Another detail you think relevant.

Your request will be considered but we cannot guarantee success. If we like it, we buy it!