Video Guides: Learn How to Use the Festinger Vault Plugin!

This will be a new section, dedicated to video tutorials. By popular demand, we will guide you through each section of the famous Festinger Vault plugin and our lead developer Abdullah will show you all the important features, such as one-click installation, automatic updates, white label functionality, download permissions, etc.

If you got any questions in regards to the video, feel free to ask your questions on this topic.

Video Guide 1: Overall features of the Festinger Vault Plugin

Video Guide 2: How to activate the Festinger Vault Plugin

Learn how to install and activate the Festinger Vault plugin using the license key from your dashboard.

Video Guide 3: How to enable automatic updates using the Festinger Vault Plugin

The Festinger Vault plugin supports automatic updates for WordPress themes and plugins. View this tutorial and learn to activate it.

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Great video man!

Keep it up as it is really helpful to see it visually.

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Before your guy records anymore video’s, can you pay for the account upgrade so the video’s don’t cut off at 5 minutes :smiley:

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True :smiley:

We will add more videos with the extended version of the video software. :crazy_face:

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A new video has been added!

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The video cut off when you talked about how to disable White Label. Could you update? Thanks

Which video are you referring to? :slight_smile:

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The third one: How to enable automatic updates using the Festinger Vault Plugin

kindly complete the last video .

and one video on the latest version 3.0

Thank you for your suggestion @fahad @tuong.ngphuc.

We will create a new documentation area as soon as possible, with more advanced videos + step-by-step documentation.

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