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Woo Import Export has been updated to 5.9.19

Woo Import Export has been updated to 5.9.20

Woo Import Export has been updated to 5.9.21

latest version not updated to 5.9.21, I get error when installing

2022-04-16T21:32:48+00:00 CRITICAL Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method wpie\license\WPIE_License_Manager::get_license_url()

This is the error I get

Would you be able to post a screenshot, please?

Not work


I have uploaded version 5.9.21 – this should solve the issue :slight_smile:

Still not work.
When importing an Excel file, a warning such as the attached image appears and should not be displayed.
New Import ‹ 무무토 — 워드프레스

Could you try to enter any value in the license settings field to see if that fixes the issue (I’m currently on mobile so I am unable to check it for you).

Still not working with random entry on licence field

I found a workaround on the previous uploaded version.

In plugin directory


Line 427 delete or comment the line
//$domain = $license->getDomain( $license->get_license_url() );

then line 443 and 476 replace
‘wpieSiteUrl’ => $domain,
'wpieSiteUrl' => home_url(),

Here you are pre activated and import successfully


Hey @Ricoleharico - your guidance in here is really appreciated.

I just checked your code locally and it works.

Your comment will be visible to others as well, are you OK if we share your workaround with others as well? :slight_smile:

Sure Sharing is caring :wink: please just change my pseudo to ricoleharico please.

Always happy to help

Woo Import Export has been updated to 5.9.22

Woo Import Export has been updated to 5.9.23

Woo Import Export has been updated to 5.9.24