White Label: Good News?

I know you’re facing some challenges, among many updates and now a nasty DDOS… But tell us: do we have any predictions for our long-awaited White Label?

We have something exciting to announce very soon… please stay tuned.

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Any ETA? April, July, Q4?

We aim to release the base frame by the end of April. We do not want to over-rush things as we want to release a stable version.

Will this include all of the white label features? Such as, updates to plugin reversing white label, and plugin being purely white label with no ability to find festinger vault.

Yes, it will include all the features like that.

It’s even better: we are building a complete white-label version of the plugin, which means:

  • You can generate your version of the plugin using your branding details, such as company name, description, logo, color scheme, etc., and install it directly on your customers’ websites.
  • No footprints are linked to the Festinger Vault plugin (no links, functions, etc.). All functions are white-labeled.
  • We are even taking it further: you can use your domain (CNAME) to connect with our engine. So, your company’s users will only see your company details.

You’ll love it.

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Commander, I’ll be honest: what you’re building is going to revolutionize the game!
So that no one listens to us, I suggest creating a new plan and separating them as follows:

  1. Bronze; (monthly)
  2. Gold; (monthly)
  3. Full White Label; (Yearly)
  4. Lifetime – $999 (lifetime)

Me and the others who are already lifetime will not have an increase… :grimacing:

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This is beautiful! A long wait and honestly overwhelming eager to see the end result of all the development you guys have been doing.


Lol, thanks for the suggestion. We will be opening our beta section again by next week and we will post some great updates there!